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Vol 2, No 2: Volume 2, Number 2 Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC) Exhibits Potent, Rapid Activity Against Influenza Viruses in vitro and in vivo Abstract   HTML   PDF
Daniel L. Popkin, Sarah Zilka, Matthew Dimaano, Hisashi Fujioka, Cristina Rackley, Robert Salata, Alexis Griffith, Pranab K. Mukherjee, Mahmoud A. Ghannoum, Frank Esper
Vol 4, No 1: Volume 4, Number 1 Charlie van der Horst (1952-2019) Abstract   HTML   PDF
Michael M. Lederman
Vol 2, No 2: Volume 2, Number 2 Circulating LOXL2 Levels Reflect Severity of Intestinal Fibrosis and GALT CD4+ T Lymphocyte Depletion in Treated HIV Infection Abstract   HTML   PDF
Sophie Seang, Anoma Somasunderam, Maitreyee Nigalye, Ma Somsouk, Timothy W. Schacker, Joyce L. Sanchez, Peter W. Hunt, Netanya S. Utay, Jordan E. Lake
Vol 1, No 2: Volume 1, Number 2 Clinical Application of Interferon-γ Release Assays for the Prevention of Tuberculosis in Countries with Low Incidence Abstract   HTML   PDF
Christoph Lange, Anna M. Mandalakas, Barbara Kalsdorf, Claudia M. Denkinger, Martina Sester
Vol 1, No 2: Volume 1, Number 2 Clinical Usefulness of Klebsiella Pneumoniae Carbapenemase-Producing K. Pneumoniae Genotyping: The Experience of a Single-Center Epidemic Abstract   HTML   PDF
Marianna Rossi, Liliane Chatenoud, Egidio Franco Viganò, Anna Maria Peri, Laura Alagna, Simone Bramati, Monica Manenti, Monica Raggi, Annalisa Cavallero, Luca Bisi, Sebastiano Leone, Guglielmo Marco Migliorino, Alessandra Bandera, Andrea Gori
Vol 2, No 2: Volume 2, Number 2 Colors Abstract   HTML   PDF
P.K. Saha
Vol 4, No 2: Volume 4, Number 2 Combination Antifungal Therapy for Invasive Mold Infections Among Pediatric Patients with Hematological Malignancies: Data from A Real-Life Case-Series Abstract   HTML   PDF
Anna Maria Peri, Marta Verna, Stefano Biffi, Laura Alagna, Benedetta Longhi, Guglielmo Marco Migliorino, Sergio Foresti, Alessandra Bandera, Attilio Rovelli, Carmelo Rizzari, Andrea Gori, Antonella Colombini
Vol 5, No 1: Volume 5, Number 1 Compulsory Immunization Protects Against Infection: What Law and Society Can Do Abstract   HTML   PDF
Maxwell J. Mehlman, Michael M. Lederman
Vol 2, No 1: Volume 2, Number 1 Confusion in the Study of Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome Abstract   HTML   PDF
Claudia Alvarado-de la Barrera, Gustavo Reyes-Terán
Vol 4, No 2: Volume 4, Number 2 Crystal Structure and Immunogenicity of the DS-Cav1-Stabilized Fusion Glycoprotein From Respiratory Syncytial Virus Subtype B Abstract   HTML   PDF
M. Gordon Joyce, Amy Bao, Man Chen, Ivelin S. Georgiev, Li Ou, Tatsiana Bylund, Aliaksandr Druz, Wing-Pui Kong, Dongjun Peng, Emily J. Rundlet, Joseph G. Van Galen, Shuishu Wang, Yongping Yang, Baoshan Zhang, Gwo-Yu Chuang, Jason S. McLellan, Barney S. Graham, John R. Mascola, Peter D. Kwong
Vol 3, No 1: Volume 3, Number 1 David Cooper (1949-2018) Abstract   HTML   PDF
Michael M. Lederman
Vol 2, No 3: Volume 2, Number 3 Death Certificate Abstract   HTML   PDF
Adrian M. Schnall
Vol 1, No 1 (2016): Volume 1, Number 1 Defining HIV and SIV Reservoirs in Lymphoid Tissues Abstract   HTML   PDF
Claire Deleage, Stephen W. Wietgrefe, Gregory Del Prete, David R. Morcock, Xing-Pei Hao, Michael Piatak, Jr., Julian Bess, Jodi L. Anderson, Katherine Perkey, Cavan Reilly, Joseph M. McCune, Ashley T. Haase, Jeffrey D. Lifson, Timothy W. Schacker, Jacob D. Estes
Vol 1, No 2: Volume 1, Number 2 Diminished CD103 (aEb7) Expression on Resident T cells from the Female Genital Tract of HIV-positive women Abstract   HTML   PDF
David C. Moylan, Paul A. Goepfert, Mirjam-Colette Kempf, Michael S. Saag, Holly E. Richter, Jiri Mestecky, Steffanie Sabbaj
Vol 2, No 3: Volume 2, Number 3 Direct-acting Antivirals in Kidney Transplant Patients: Successful Hepatitis C Treatment and Short Term Reduction in Urinary Protein/Creatinine Ratios Abstract   HTML   PDF
Michael R. Goetsch, Ashutosh Tamhane, Mohit Varshney, Anuj Kapil, Edgar T. Overton, Graham C. Towns, Ricardo A. Franco
Vol 2, No 2: Volume 2, Number 2 Effects of Helminth Eradication on the Immune System Abstract   HTML   PDF
Ziva Weisman, Alexander Kalinkovich, Miguel Stein, Zalman Greenberg, Gad Borkow, David Adlerstein, Jemal Ali Mahdi, Zvi Bentwich
Vol 1, No 2: Volume 1, Number 2 Elevated Circulating Concentrations of Interferon-Gamma in Latent Tuberculosis Infection Abstract   HTML   PDF
Moises Arturo Huaman, George S. Deepe, Jr., Carl J. Fichtenbaum
Vol 4, No 2: Volume 4, Number 2 Environmental Contamination with Candida Species in Multiple Hospitals Including a Tertiary Care Hospital with a Candida auris Outbreak Abstract   HTML   PDF
Jessica Ann Kumar, Brandon Eilertson, Jennifer L. Cadnum, Chauna S. Whitlow, Annette L. Jencson, Nasia Safdar, Sarah L. Krein, Windy D. Tanner, JeanMarie Mayer, Matthew H. Samore, Curtis J. Donskey
Vol 1, No 2: Volume 1, Number 2 Epitope Capsid-Incorporation: New Effective Approach for Vaccine Development for Chagas Disease Abstract   HTML   PDF
Qiana L. Matthews, Anitra L. Farrow, Girish Rachakonda, Linlin Gu, Pius Nde, Alexandre Krendelchtchikov, Siddarth Pratap, Shruti S. Sakhare, Steffanie Sabbaj, Maria F. Lima, Fernando Villalta
Vol 1, No 2: Volume 1, Number 2 European Mitochondrial DNA Haplogroups are Associated with Cerebrospinal Fluid Biomarkers of Inflammation in HIV Infection Abstract   HTML   PDF
David C. Samuels, Asha R. Kallianpur, Ronald J. Ellis, William S. Bush, Scott Letendre, Donald Franklin, Igor Grant, Todd Hulgan
Vol 4, No 2: Volume 4, Number 2 Evidence for Persistent Monocyte and Immune Dysregulation After Prolonged Viral Suppression Despite Normalization of Monocyte Subsets, sCD14 and sCD163 in HIV-Infected Individuals Abstract   HTML   PDF
Anjana Yadav, Andrew V. Kossenkov, Vincent R. Knecht, Louise C. Showe, Sarah J. Ratcliffe, Luis J. Montaner, Pablo Tebas, Ronald Collman
Vol 3, No 2: Volume 3, Number 2 Fecal Host Transcriptomics for Non-invasive Human Mucosal Immune Profiling: Proof of Concept in Clostridium difficile Infection Abstract   HTML   PDF
Robert Schlaberg, Amanda Barrett, Kornelia Edes, Michael Graves, Litty Paul, Jenna Rychert, Bert K. Lopansri, Daniel T. Leung
Vol 1, No 2: Volume 1, Number 2 Flu Shot Abstract   HTML   PDF
Adrian M. Schnall
Vol 1, No 2: Volume 1, Number 2 Fluoroquinolone-Resistant Escherichia coli Infections after Transrectal Biopsy of the Prostate in the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System Abstract   HTML   PDF
Elie Antoun Saade, Nuntra Suwantara, Trina F. Zabarsky, Brigid Wilson, Curtis J. Donskey
Vol 4, No 2: Volume 4, Number 2 Four Weeks of Treatment With Rifaximin Fails to Significantly Alter Microbial Diversity in Rectal Samples of HIV-Infected Immune Non-Responders (ACTG A5286) Which May be Attributed to Rectal Swab Use Abstract   HTML   PDF
Brett B. Williams, Stefan J. Green, Ronald J. Bosch, Ellen S. Chan, Jeffrey M. Jacobson, David M. Margolis, Phillip Engen, Alan L. Landay, Cara C. Wilson
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