Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a fee to submit an article to P&I?

A: P&I does not charge authors to submit articles.


Q: If accepted, is there a fee for publication?

A: There are currently no charges to authors. 


Q: Does P&I have a waiver for authors from developing countries?

A: P&I does not have publishing fees at this time, so we do not have a waiver.


Q: What kind of peer review process does P&I utilize?

A: P&I has a roster of over 115 Associate Editors from a variety of international institutions who review submissions. Authors are welcome to suggest peer reviewers in the submission cover letter.


Q: How does an author submit a revised manuscript?

A: Follow the instructions on this page.


Q: Where is P&I indexed?

A: P&I is a new journal and like all new journals we must wait until we have a few issues under our belt before we apply to participate in services such as PubMed, PubMed Central, Medline and more. 

There is an exception: All articles involving research funded by the NIH, CDC and Howard Hughes Medical Institute require public access through PubMed Central and as a result, PubMed. P&I will submit these articles through the NIH Manuscript Submission System, which indexes the articles without requiring the journal to be PubMed participating.


Q: How does P&I screen for plagiarism?

A: Manuscripts that have been accepted for publication will be screened through the online service CrossCheck. CrossCheck does not specifically search for plagiarism, but rather compares the text in an article to the text in previously published articles. The results of the screening will be individually reviewed by P&I's Managing Editor.


Q: How can I export a citation from one of your articles to my reference management software?

A: Find the Article Tools, located in the column to the left of the article and click on "How to Cite Item". A dropdown menu will present several options for formatting and exporting the reference. 


Q: How much is a subscription or membership to P&I?

A: P&I is Open Access and free of charge to read. You can read articles online in HTML format or download individual articles in PDF format.


Q: What is P&I's publishing schedule?

A: P&I publishes articles when they are ready for publication rather than when a full issue is complete. 


Q: How does P&I archive its content?

A: P&I is published using Open Journal Systems, which utilizes LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keeps Stuff Safe)


Q: Does P&I offer advertising opportunities?

A: Not at this time.